4 Important Reasons You Need to Know the Microsoft
Popularity: Because Microsoft is used by so many businesses, the skills you have working on the software are immediately transferrable to new jobs and companies. It’s as if you speak the same language as everyone else! What happens to you—and your career—if you don’t?
Communication: You can communicate and collaborate more effectively with the Microsoft tools. Whether you’re using Outlook for email, or taking advantage of the co-authoring features in Word and PowerPoint, you’re literally on the same page as your co-workers. That ease of communication helps cut down on errors and improve the quality of service you provide to your customers.
Productivity: Microsoft helps you operate more efficiently so you can be more productive. For example, Excel doesn’t just allow you to quickly enter and compute data; it also has advanced analytical tools so you can discover patterns and make sound financial decisions. Laborious tasks once performed only by accounting professionals can now be completed quickly by assistants with the right training.
Simplicity: Each of the MS Office components is user-friendly and includes easy-to-access help files built right in. If you get stuck at any time, just go to the help tab and type your question. You can even access online support for tutorials on how to troubleshoot whatever issues arise.
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